DESCRIPTION - Denso Priming Solution is a petrolatum-based primer for all surfaces prior to the application of Denso Petrolatum tapes and compounds.

COMPOSITION - Denso Priming Solution is a solvent based solution of saturated petroleum hydrocarbons.

SAFETY -  Denso Priming Solution is flammable and should not be applied in the vicinity of naked flames o sources of ignition. Avoid contact with the skin and the inhalation of vapors. Always ensure adequate ventilation is provided.Normal hygiene procedures. Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water or a proprietary hand-cleaner prior to eating and smoking. Launder contaminated clothing, gloves, etc.

STORAGE - Store in original containers in a cool, dry place away from any source of ignition.                      Recommended shelf life : 24 months

TYPICAL PPROPERTIES                                                                                                  DATA
Specific Gravity
Solids Content
Spread Rate
Dry Film Thickness
Viscosity BS/B4 CUP @ 25°C
Drying Time
Flash Point
Application Temperature Range

90m² / Litre
50 Micron Averagge
55 - 70 Seconds
60 Minutes Approx.
32°C minimum
-20°C to 55°C