The lightweight Econ or Micro clamps are ideal for smaller diameter and lighter duty applications such as air and fuel line hoses. They are available in zinc plated carbon steel and in full stainless steel. The clamp is designed and constructed without spot welding, which reduces any potential for corrosion.

The narrower 8mm perforated band permits relatively higher sealing pressure with less torque, which together with the narrow, low profile one-piece housing ensures easy installation in difficult areas.

The slotted 6mm hex head screw allows for screwdriver or socket installation.


“GM” Series Composite Econ Micro Clamps

The “GM” Series composite econ clamp consists of a 430 stainless steel band with a zinc electroplating steel housing and a case-hardened screw. Ideally suited for automotive applications.

“GMS” Series Stainless Steel Econ Micro Clamps

The fully stainless steel “GMS” series econ clamp is manufactured entirely from 300 series stainless steel. The “GMS” Series is ideally suited for mining, marine, agricultural and chemical applications where extra resistance against corrosion is required.

Nominal Working Range Diameter

Code RefMin mmMin InchesMax mmMax Inches
GM 241/5121/2
GM 467/32173/4
GM 6107/16229/10
GM 10153/5271

GMS 467/32173/4
GMS 6107/16229/10
GMS 10153/5271

Other sizes available on request